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Bentonite Clay

Name of test Atterberg Limit Description of test Have you ever carried out an Atterberg Limit on material that has a Plasticity Index of around 500? Let me introduce you to Bentonite. Bentonite is a natural clay that is renowned for its exceptional ability to absorb and retain water, which allows the clay to swell […]

HiQA Geotechnical WA now offering Concrete Testing

Great news! HiQA Geotechnical in Western Australia has expanded its services to include Concrete Testing as a valuable addition for our clients. If anyone needs assistance with Concrete testing, they can reach out to us at the Naval Base Branch on 0406 480 589. Feel free to contact us for any further information or queries. […]

HiQA now offering Los Angeles Abrasion (LAA) Testing

LAA Testing Name: AS 1141.23 Los Angeles Abrasion (LAA) Test Description: HiQA Geotechnical (Darwin) is proud to announce that AS 1141.23 Los Angeles Abrasion Test (LAA Testing) has been added to the Scope of Accreditation assessed by NATA. The test determines the loss on abrasion of aggregate particles by means of the Los Angeles Abrasion […]

2023 NAWIC Awards for Excellence

2023 NAWIC Awards for Excellence Congratulations to HiQA’s Katherine Branch Leader, Sophie de Wit, on not only being nominated but becoming a Finalist for this year’s NAWIC Awards Tradeswoman of the Year for 2023. While Sophie didn’t take home the win, her inclusion as a finalist is an outstanding accomplishment that speaks volumes about her […]

2023 CCFNT Trainee & Apprentice Awards

The 2023 CCFNT Trainee & Apprentice Awards were held on 8th July. Congratulations to HiQA’s winners and finalists! Celebrating the accomplishments and recognition of our team members is a great way to foster a sense of pride and motivation within HiQA. Such achievements are a testament to high performance and dedication. Well done team. Rebekah […]

2022 CCFNT Trainee and Apprentice Awards

What an amazing night for HiQA. Congratulations to our CCFNT Trainee and Apprentice Awards Winners and Finalists. We are so proud of your achievements. Dean Ayson – WINNER Rae Snodgrass Apprentice of the Year Dean Ayson – WINNER NT Mature Age Achiever Colin Mackander – WINNER Indigenous Training Award Colin Mackander – FINALIST NT Mature […]