Civil Contractors Federation NT (CCFNT) Laboratory Open Day

On the 7th of February HiQA Geotechnical and the Civil Contractors Federation NT (CCFNT) hosted a Laboratory Open Day for all CCF members in Darwin. This was a collaboration designed to assist the civil construction industry in understanding the art of construction materials testing.

Attendees were given demonstrations in a range of laboratory testing, from nuclear density testing, compactions, gradings, Atterberg limits, California Bearing Ratio, Asphalt testing, concrete testing to name a few.  We were able to provide attendees insight on analysing results and the difference between Process & Conformance Testing, how it can be used for their projects as well as the limitation and the variability of testing based on the material type across projects.

A focus of the evening was the discussion of the importance of using testing data to make smarter decisions on site. HiQA are great advocates for utilising the data sets that are captured through the testing process to help analyse and make inform decisions for our client.  Testing assists our clients’ projects to achieve the overall goal, not just to sign off hold points.

The turnout for the first event was encouraging and due to this, HiQA and CCF are planning on hosting future open days in our Alice Springs and Katherine laboratories.

HiQA would like to thank our guests for attending our first Laboratory Open Day: Department of Infrastructure Planning & Logistics, Sitzler Pty Ltd, Aldebaran Contracting, HB Concrete, Allan King & Sons Constructions, Earthbuilt Pty Ltd, Northern Machinery Sales, Arjays Sales & Services and Micronised Mineral Solutions Pty Ltd.

A special thanks to Tom Harris from the CCFNT for being instrumental in publicising and organising the successful event. It is great to see everyone in the civil construction industry raising the bar to gain knowledge of the testing industry and how it works.