Darwin Turf Club – New Grandstand Development

HiQA were engaged just before the launch of the 2019 Darwin Cup Carnival to design a scope and project manage a geotechnical investigation for the new grandstand development at the Darwin Turf Club.

Working in collaboration with WANT Geotechnics https://ntgeotechnics.com.au/ for their engineering & geology expertise as well as Bores NT https://www.boresnt.com.au/ for their drilling, HiQA were required to complete the works to strict deadlines. The field investigation was required to be completed before Day 1 of Carnival and the final investigation report submitted before the development tender documents were released.

‘Time’ was the underlying factor to this project, ensuring works were completed with as little disruption to the Carnival as possible. HiQA delivered the investigation in full, including final reports within a record breaking, seven days!  An average investigation of this nature usually takes between two to three weeks.

Other challenges to overcome were drill rig and machinery access. Predominately a drill rig was used for the works, however HiQA also used a small digger and hand augers to excavate in limited accessible areas.  The most important thing was to recover as much information and data as possible while reducing risk and aiding in design considerations.

See here https://hiqa.com.au/service/geotechnical-field-investigations/ for more information on Geotechnical Investigations.