Carpentaria Highway Upgrade

Client: Exact Contracting

Project: Carpentaria Highway Upgrade

Project Overview:The Carpentaria Highway Upgrade is a significant project aimed at enhancing transportation infrastructure in the Northern Territory. Spanning over 140 kms, the project focuses on improving connectivity, safety, and efficiency along this vital highway corridor. By facilitating smoother traffic flow and reducing travel times, the upgraded Carpentaria Highway promises to promote economic growth, support local agriculture, mining, and tourism, and enhance the overall driving experience for both locals and travellers.

Estimated Project Value: $150,000,000 excl of GST

Project Start Date: September 2022

Value Add & Services provided by HiQA:

Services provided by HiQA:

  • Concrete Sampling and Testing
  • Aggregate Sampling and Testing
  • Soil Sampling and Testing

Were there any challenges faced?

  • Harsh Environment: Northern Territory’s remote regions can experience extreme weather conditions, such as intense heat, floods, and cyclones.

Were there any pain points for the client and how did we help them?

In collaboration with the client to ensure onsite materials met specifications, we helped implement a quality control process that involved several key steps, including:

  • Specification Review: Initially, we thoroughly reviewed the project specifications provided by the client to understand the required standards for materials to be used onsite. This included details such as material type, quality standards, and sourcing requirements.
  • Material Testing: Prior to onsite use, we conducted comprehensive testing of materials to verify their compliance with the specified standards. This included testing for factors such as strength, durability, and reactivity.
  • Documentation and Reporting: We maintained detailed records of all materials used onsite, including documentation of test results. This information was regularly shared with the client to provide transparency and assurance that materials met specifications.
  • Collaborative Problem-solving: In the event that materials did not meet specifications, we worked collaboratively with the client to address any issues promptly.

By implementing these measures and maintaining open communication with the client throughout the process, we ensured that onsite materials consistently met specifications, thereby upholding quality standards and minimizing the risk of project delays or deficiencies.