Flying Fish Annex Facility

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Client: SRG Global

Project: Flying Fish Annex Facility

Project Overview:The initiative encompasses the development of a 21 km haul road within the established Eliwana mine site. This road is intended to facilitate the operations of a fleet of autonomous mining trucks.

Estimated Project Value: $55,000,000 excl of GST

Project Start Date: April 2023

Value Add & Services provided by HiQA:

Were there any challenges we were or could have faced?

Our most significant challenge arose from the need to swiftly mobilise and cater to our clients’ demands within a tight timeframe. Despite this, we successfully deployed both a 20ft and a 40ft container, complemented by a dynamic team of six members working in rotation.
Where there any pain points for the client and how did we help them?
The client’s primary concern, as is often the case, revolved around testing turnaround times. Fortunately, with our seasoned and proficient team, we were able to commence operations swiftly and efficiently address this crucial aspect from the get-go.