Gidji II East Cell Raise

Client: SRG Global

Project: Gidji II East Cell Raise Stage 2

Project Overview:At HiQA, we take pride in offering comprehensive quality assurance services, ensuring the success of your construction projects. Recently, we undertook an ambitious project to raise the walls of a residue dam, employing our meticulous density testing methods for each lift. This project underscored our commitment to excellence and demonstrated the crucial role of quality assurance in large scale construction efforts.

Estimated Project Value: $2,500,000 excl of GST

Project Start Date: March 2024

Value Add & Services provided by HiQA:

Our primary service in this project was density testing of each lift to guarantee the integrity and stability of the dam walls. Density testing is vital in ensuring that each layer of material used in construction meets the required standards for compaction and durability. By verifying the density at every stage, we help prevent potential issues that could compromise the structure’s safety and longevity.

Challenges Faced

Despite our extensive experience, this project presented several unique challenges:

  1. Set Turn-Around Timeframe for Results: One of the primary challenges was adhering to a strict turn-around timeframe for delivering results. The fast-paced nature of construction projects means that timely feedback is crucial for maintaining the schedule and ensuring that subsequent layers can be added without delay.
  2. Narrow Width of Wall for Testing: The narrow width of the wall, particularly with high-voltage (HV) movement, posed a significant challenge. Testing in such confined spaces requires precision and adaptability to ensure accurate results without compromising the safety and efficiency of the testing process.

Pain Points and Our Solutions

A recurring issue faced by our client was ensuring adequate water binding in the construction material. Insufficient water content can lead to poor compaction and potential structural weaknesses. To address this, we employed the High-Intensity Low-Frequency (HILF) method to monitor and manage the water content effectively.

Through continuous monitoring, we could predict the optimal water levels needed for the material to achieve the desired consistency and compaction underfoot. This proactive approach allowed us to adjust the water content in real-time, ensuring that each lift had the correct amount of moisture for optimal binding.


HiQA’s involvement in raising the walls of the residue dam through rigorous density testing at each lift highlights our dedication to quality and precision. Despite the challenges of tight schedules and narrow testing spaces, our team delivered reliable results that ensured the structural integrity of the dam. By addressing the client’s pain points with innovative solutions like the HILF method, we provided not just a service but a partnership that prioritised the Project’s success.

At HiQA, we understand that quality assurance is more than just a box to check; it’s a fundamental aspect of construction that ensures safety, durability, and peace of mind. Whether dealing with complex projects or routine inspections, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, making us the trusted partner for all your quality assurance needs.