Roper Highway Upgrade

Client: Allan King & Sons and Northern Territory Government

Project: Roper Highway Upgrade

Project Overview:Currently, HiQA Katherine is at the forefront of ensuring conformance testing excellence for the Northern Territory Government (NTG) on the Roper Highway project.

Project Start Date: June 2023

Value Add & Services provided by HiQA:

Under the contractual agreement with the NTG, Allan King & Sons has taken on the pivotal role of executing pavement upgrades and the sealing of a substantial 20-kilometer stretch of the Roper Highway, spanning between the Wilton Bridge and the Ngukurr Community. A noteworthy milestone has recently been achieved as the initial 10 kilometres of the Roper Highway have been expertly sealed by F & J Bitumen Services. Allan King & Sons’ commitment to the Roper Highway project is evident as they strive to finalize the next 3 kilometres of the road before Christmas.

The collaboration between HiQA Katherine, NTG, Allan King & Sons, and F & J Bitumen Services underscores a collective commitment to delivering not just a road but also connectivity for the communities along the Roper Highway. The Roper Highway facilitates the movement of people and goods, fostering economic activities and social interactions. The sealed segments act as a foundation for reliable transportation, ensuring that residents can navigate the route with confidence and businesses can transport their goods efficiently.