Tanami Road Upgrade and Seal

Client: Exact Contracting

Project: Tanami Road Upgrade and Seal - (Ch:271km to Ch:421km)

Project Overview:The Client has been engaged to upgrade and seal 149 kilometers of the Tanami Road. The project consists of Stage 1 (58 km), upgrading the current alignment and sealing between Ch:271.81 km and Ch:330.00 km, and Stage 2 (91 km), designing and constructing between Ch:330.00 km and Ch:421.00 km.

The road construction project began in late June 2022. By November 2023, the first 58 km (Stage 1) of the road was sealed, providing safer travel for all road users along the Tanami Road. With the successful handover of Stage 1, Stage 2 is well underway, with works commencing from Ch:330.00 km to Ch:421.00 km.

Upon completion, these works will provide a safer passage for road users, enhance flood immunity, and improve connectivity along the corridor.

Estimated Project Value: $178,000,000 excl of GST

Project Start Date: June 2022

Value Add & Services provided by HiQA:

HiQA are on-site testing through our NATA Accredited Annex Laboratory.
Testing and sampling include:
– Field Densities
– Modified Compactions
– California Bearing Ratios
– Particle Size Distributions
– Atterberg Limits
– Aggregate Testing
– Concrete Testing