Geotechnical Material Investigations

At HiQA, we provide thorough geotechnical material testing investigations. We have several fully-equipped base laboratories at several locations where our specialists confidently conduct geotechnical testing. Our expert team at HiQA are focused on solving issues that may impact the Western Australian and Northern Territory communities where we both work and live.

Before any structure can be built, you must undertake a geotechnical investigation. This is encouraged for all jobs, ranging from a single residential dwelling to large infrastructure projects.

By pairing cutting-edge geotechnical material testing technology with a wealth of experience, we certainly bring unparalleled expertise to your geotechnical investigations. From planning, investigation, and design to execution and quality control.

Geotechnical Material Investigations

Specialising in delivering NATA-accredited geotechnical material investigations, we provide our services to diverse sectors including:

  • The Government
  • Construction
  • Defence
  • Mining Industries

To find out more about our NATA-accredited geotechnical testing services you can read more here.

  • Geotechnical site material investigations
    Standards Australia
    AS 1726-1993
    13-Apr- 1993

In addition to Geotechnical Material Investigations, we also proudly provide the following:

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