Aertex Group Pty Ltd

“HiQA already comes highly recommended by other Contractors. By far the best lab technicians around!”

Rian Bala – Project Engineer, Sitzler Pty Ltd

“Enjoyed working with Aldrin, Max, Arty and Isaiah. They are all a wonderful asset to HiQA”

WANT Geotechnics

“Always happy using HiQA staff, as we get quick turnaround times to keep our projects on time with delivery”

Stephen Linehan, Sitzler Bros

“HiQA’s work this year in Alice Springs has been exceptional.”

Lachlan McCullough, Black Cat Civil

“Finger on the pulse and kept up well with speed on construction, with good turnaround of results. Would look to use HiQA on our next project.”

Anonymous Client Survey Response 2016

The best people in town to critique the quality of your concrete and great for working within the community.  Always willing to go above and beyond.”

Dallas Campbell, BMD Urban

“Been a pleasure working with the Katherine team and look forward to future projects.”

Silvia Woodhead, JSW Holdings Pty Ltd

Reliable and if there is a query it is usually dealt with straight away.”

CJ Cole, Remote Civil

“The Katherine field team are always happy and friendly and a pleasure to deal with.”

Sue Adams, GK Building Contractors

“Easy to contact, friendly and efficient.  Quick to get the job done and forward on results.”