Geotechnical Field Investigations

HiQA is the expert when it comes to geotechnical testing in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. We can deliver Bearing Capacity Assessments and are well-experienced in conducting geotechnical field investigations. With our local knowledge, we are able to deliver successful gravel search projects with quantity estimates and factual reporting.

Operating in Western Australia and the Northern Territory from fully-equipped base laboratories. We have five convenient locations – Naval Base, Darwin, Katherine, Perth and Alice Springs. We can also come to your project, wherever you are, with our mobile site laboratories. Family-owned-and-operated business since the late 1980s, we deliver local geotechnical testing services to WA and the NT. We will always ensure your projects run as smoothly as possible. We aim to provide high-quality testing of construction materials and consultancy services to the civil construction, agriculture, environmental, mining, and resources industries across WA and the NT.

Geotechnical investigations are very important before any structure can be built, from a single residential dwelling to large infrastructure projects. To obtain information about the soil conditions below the surface, some form of subsurface exploration is required. Methods of observing the soils below the surface, obtaining samples, and determining the physical properties of the soils and rocks include test pits, trenching (particularly for locating faults and slide planes), boring, and in situ tests. These can also be used to identify contamination in soils prior to development in order to avoid negative environmental impacts.

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HiQA Geotechnical Investigations

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