Asphalt Testing

At HiQA, we’re the experts in asphalt testing and offer a range of test methods to suit your project needs. Our technicians are expertly trained in all procedures and have unmatched experience with asphalts in harsh North Australian conditions.

With a strong commitment to achieving successful project outcomes, timely delivery, and accurate results, our asphalt testing services include:

  • Conformance testing on road projects
  • Process testing on asphalt batch plant samples
  • Coring on pavement and seal investigations
  • Construction materials testing (CMT) consulting for clients who require more than just the results and a report

We are NATA accredited for a wide range of tests under AS 2891 including, but not limited to:

  • Sampling Loose Asphalt
  • Sampling using the Coring Method
  • Bitumen Content and Aggregate Grading
  • Density Ratio and Air Voids
  • Marshall Stability and Flow
  • Bulk Density
  • Voids and Density Relationship

For a full list of our capabilities, please download our On Site and Laboratory Testing.

HiQA Asphalt Testing

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