Civil Contractors

Solve your technical problems and material dilemmas

Working with Civil Contractors is our favourite because we love solving their technical problems and dilemmas with materials. In fact, that’s why we’re nicknamed the ‘Dirt Doctors’ (which proudly features as a personalised plate on one of our vehicles!).

As boring as dirt sounds, we love having a robust discussion about the techniques to apply to get the best compactive effort out of a non-conforming material, or how to blend a non-conforming material to increase the life expectancy of a road pavement.

If you’re a Civil Contractor, we can explain why materials behave the way they do, what to expect, and how to treat them to get the best from them. We love sharing our knowledge and building an ongoing relationship with our clients. Working all over the Territory, no matter where you are, we can get one of our experienced technicians out on-site, eliminating the frustration that comes with dealing with multiple suppliers and people. Being a Territory-owned-and-operated business, you can also be sure that money spent with HiQA stays in the Territory – unlike our competitors.

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