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Conformance Testing WA - NT Government

Unmatched materials knowledge across the entire territory.

With a long history of working with NT government, we’re on the panel contract for NT construction materials testing and have held this position since 2008. With all three of our laboratories in Darwin, Katherine, and Alice Springs holding this contract, we’re the only organisation equipped to work on every NT government project requiring conformance testing WA across the whole territory.

Because we work across all regions, we’ve become the experts in all material types. From the lateritic gravels in the Top End to the clayey sands of Central Australia, our materials knowledge is unmatched by any other organisation. Unlike our competitors, we also have our own vehicles set up for remote projects, including real-time vehicle tracking, long-range fuel tanks, and 4WDs that can handle harsh conditions. We thrive on these long trips and love working on remote sites.

Most of all, we know the government specifications inside out, and when materials can and can’t achieve those specifications. We take pride in educating contractors and government supervisors where required, leveraging our vast specification knowledge across soils, aggregate, and concrete.

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