Level 1 Geotechnical Testing

HiQA are the leaders in Level 1 Geotechnical Testing Supervision and Certification. We are your partners when it comes to delivering a successful project on time & on budget. Through our unique ability to be both the inspection and testing authority, HiQA can deliver solutions for any potential problems that may arise.

Through many years of Geotechnical Testing, HiQA has been involved in both large and small projects. This has allowed team members to become the experts in the field. From delivering solutions for unsuitable ground encountered to sourcing fill for the project, HiQA can provide outcomes for all situations. For commercial and residential developments, one of the major end goals of Level 1 Supervision is to account for the ground conditions when being assessed against AS 2870 Residential slabs and footings. HiQA has an in-depth knowledge of this standard. Due to this, HiQA can ensure all imported & borrowed material will be suitable when assessed for their site classification. HiQA can also advise during construction if there will be any issues in relation to the natural materials encountered and the potential site classification.

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HiQA Site Classifications

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