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CMT testing WA & NT; The factual reporting and testing you need for your designs

If you’re in engineering design, we can be your eyes and ears on the ground. Our CMT testing services in WA & the NT supply factual reporting and testing for design purposes, our experience means we’re trusted to conduct fieldwork and investigations alone on-site.

Essentially, we get in there and do the hard yakka – detailing the information you require by comprehensively logging materials, and spontaneously modifying our scope to suit changes in conditions when out in the field if necessary. Our expertise in all materials CMT testing across WA and the NT makes us extremely valuable to our clients.

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How can we assist Civil Contractors?

CMT Testing

CMT testing can reveal any issues related to construction quality and is critical to the viability and safety of a construction project. It can help classify a building site, highlight future risks, and assist with engineering design decisions. Without CMT, engineers and builders cannot determine if the quality of their projects meets specific requirements.  

Construction Materials Testing is also a regulatory requirement for most large-scale engineering design projects. Specifications and regulatory overseers may vary, but to stay compliant, project managers must work with licensed CMT professionals before starting work.  

HiQa Geotechnical provides comprehensive CMT services to a range of industries. Our services include material inspections and observation, on-site testing, lab testing, and site classification, among many others. From civil projects to commercial development, our CMT services can improve your processes.

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