Quarry Testing WA & The NT with HiQA Geotechnical

Get your materials approved fast so you can supply to government projects

If you operate a quarry, particularly a new one, and are looking to get quarry testing WA & The NT, you may find it difficult to get your materials approved by the NT government so you can supply to government projects. This is simply because you lack the testing and specifications expertise required.

At HiQA Geotechnical, we’re the only laboratory in the NT with a comprehensive Quarry Management Plan. This enables us to help quarries to get their product approved for market. Delivering fast results every time. Not only this, we provide an ongoing quality assurance programme to maintain your ‘approved supplier’ status. With deep experience across numerous materials, we have plans for sealing aggregate, concrete aggregate, and finely crushed rock (road base).

Our team will eliminate the hassle and manage the whole process for you from start to finish. Ultimately saving you both time and money. As we have worked  with a broad range of industries over many years, we also have the expert knowledge to be able to suggest specific markets for your product that you may not have considered previously.

Ready to seek the help you need for your quarry project?

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