HiQA now offering Los Angeles Abrasion (LAA) Testing

LAA Testing Name:

AS 1141.23 Los Angeles Abrasion (LAA) Test


HiQA Geotechnical (Darwin) is proud to announce that AS 1141.23 Los Angeles Abrasion Test (LAA Testing) has been added to the Scope of Accreditation assessed by NATA. The test determines the loss on abrasion of aggregate particles by means of the Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine. The test is applied to aggregate particles from crushed rock, gravel or crushed slag, or to crushings derived from rock spalls or drill cores.

Why is LAA testing required?

It is an important method to determine the strength and durability of aggregates. The test simulates the effects of traffic and weathering on road surfaces and can be used to evaluate the suitability of different types of aggregates for use in construction projects.

What are the testing specification/s?

Specifications for this test are project specific but Test Gradings B and K are often used as these gradings are commonly used for sealing.

Has HiQA been able to make improvements to the testing process?

Adding this test to our scope enhances and broadens HiQA’s service offering for the Northern Territory. The addition assists our mission to become the preferred choice in the industry.
If you require any LAA testing or any other aggregate testing on your project please contact the HiQA Asphalt & Sealing Laboratory by emailing sealing@hiqa.com.au