Keep River Completion – All good things come to an end

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a project come to an end.  To finally see the construction of infrastructure that will give industries and communities further opportunities to building and growing their economy.

Commencing in September 2019, HiQA were engaged by local contractor, Exact Contracting Pty Ltd, for our local expertise to complete the testing and sampling on the road upgrades and bridge construction on the $58 million Keep River Road project.  Part of the Northern Australia Roads Program, funded in partnership between the Northern Territory and Federal Governments.  The completion of the project now provides improved freight access to key agricultural and pastoral industries that have previously been shut off due to high flooding areas.

It has been both exciting and challenging being a part of such a remote project, where timeliness of results was a vital part of the project delivery.

A key component of the bridge construction meant our team completed 24 hour concrete testing to keep the project progressing.  Our team were always coming up with solutions to any challenges that rose along the way.

In 13 months HiQA had 11 team members, including two indigenous team members, that worked on the project.  We completed over 2000 Nuclear Density Tests and Maximum Dry Density’s (MDD), 500 Particle Size Distribution (PSD)/Plasticity Index’s (PI), 600 California Bearing Ratio’s (CBR), 900 Ball Embedment Tests and cracked over 1000 Concrete Cylinders.

One of the many highlights was being able to offer Lightweight Deflectometer testing to ensure the roads will sustain longer durability throughout our Top End climate and over years to come.

To see the full scope of the project see: https://exactcontracting.com.au/projects/keep-river-plains-road-upgrade-stage-1-and-stage-2/